Saturday, September 4, 2010

Envy the Ignorant.

Something about our friendship has been troubling me for a while, I think I've finally realised.

Today on the train ride home I asked my best friend about the world, ideas and existence.
She brushed it off.
So I asked another question.
"Are you happy? Like, content, not being troubled by the world?"
I don't think we can be best friends anymore.
Because somebody who doesn't question life, who is able to prance through life, untroubled by the unanswerable questions -will hurt me.
Because these questions do trouble me, I can't find solace anymore because of them.
I don't think I can understand that, what it is to be like that.
If I could take back my ignorance I might.
But you can't unthink.

"in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt."
-Bertrand Russell

how sad, she was nice.


Erimentha said...

:( this happens to be a lot. in fact, last week. it made me angry. how could she have such faith in the world? and not think that life sucks somethings. how could this be gods plan?

but don't lose her entirely...thats my advice anyways.

{ felicity } said...

I agree, the only problem one question leads to more questions which just leads to confusion. Maybe I should ask my friends the same question.


Dandalily said...

Maybe, she just doesnt want to talk about it, like she does care but its just easier for her to say "Yes, everything is right with the world and nothing is falling apart."
I unno, just make sure you talk to her instead of just slowly starting to pull yourself away. But like Eri said, dont lose her entirely.


Fickle Cattle said...

I understand this. It usually happens with family, and it's not like you can suddenly stop being related to people. So I usually look to my friends. I'm happy I found people I love who can question life and meaning with me.

Camelgirl said...

'But you can't unthink'.
SO good.
Maybe... maybe unfriending her just because of that makes you become the thing you think you're losing her for.
Sorry, I don't make much sense.