Monday, August 22, 2011

writing letters

By Melee of The Midnight Train Of Thought

Dear You,

Whenever I write, I always feel the need to address myself to you.
You, you! It's so ambiguous. You could be male or female. You could be my mother, you could be the dog next door.
Sometimes I'm not even sure who you are. You are my lover, you are my enemy. You are a sonnet, you are prose. You are sufficient; you will never be enough.
But you know... you always know. I can tell you those things I always wanted. Whoever you are, I need you. Because, in writing to you, I feel a little less lonely: you're reading along.

Thank you.
Ever and Ever,


Melee said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so honoured. Thank you for featuring my words. :)

{ felicity } said...

Oh wow, this absolutely delightful. That's one of things I loved most about creating this tag, was the idea that the person was unknown. And yet, they know everything little detail about you.