Wednesday, March 28, 2012


There is a girl in my lecture who has blonde hair, and a vulnerable face. She wears pale cotton blouses and cardigans that look like my grandmother's and has a set mouth.
And she has a doll, it must be at least eleven inches and it sits on her desk. The doll has an elvish face, and short, blonde hair and twig-green skin.
In my classes, sometimes I hear girls talk about the girl, how odd she is.
Please, don't listen to them. One week, when I felt upset and uncontrolled and shaky, I saw you and your doll, and I understood why you brought her.
I even pretended she was mine. And I felt better.

I guess I just wanted to say -Thanks.
Stay strong.


haze said...

Pure and delicate.
I guess she's stronger now, lovely. We can only hope for it.

Melee said...

This is so sad and beautiful, yet it makes me hopeful. I hope she does stay strong.

Some kind of courage. said...

Wow, this touched me.
& more , You have a beautiful heart- it's not like those other girls.

Erimentha said...

This was so lovely to read. You conjure images which have such beauty within them. Thank you, x

Erin said...

oh, this is so beautiful.

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