Saturday, November 20, 2010


Don't you realise?
Nothing has changed.
And all I keep thinking is how I hate how lately it's been an effort to stay friends.
How you're starting to annoy me more than anything.
How when I feel shit, I can't tell you.
How you seem so cocky to me these days.
How you always seem uncomfortable.
How I feel uncomfortable because I feel like you want a relationship, when I can only handle a friend.
How even the songs you write about me are actually about you.
How you only ever make the effort to talk to me over the phone, or internet
   when I want something more real than that.
But then again, I guess we've always wanted different things.

And then I think: fuck you.
And that's how this all began.
And that's why it's falling apart.


"Letting go doesn't always mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be."

(sorry I gave up)

                                                                                                this one is about me.


Melee said...

Letting go can be such a hard thing. Especially in instances like these. And I don't know the whole story, but I think it is the best thing to do. *hugs*

Some Girl said...

I felt this huge catharsis while read this. It felt like the swell and fade out of a song.

Dandalily said...

I almost missed the fine print in this post, Melee is right letting go is hard, and you have to decide how much of this person you are willing to give up and if you're willing to let any of them stay. I think every instance is different, so i really hope you handle this better then i ever did. Just make sure you tell them, why you have to go. Dont ever leave someone without telling them why. It hurts to much. I wish you all the prettiest things.

andie said...

umm, BEAUTIFULLY said! and i know, its easier to say it then to do it. :)

nice meeting you!

Erimentha said...

let it go....easier said than done. but it's achievable, trust me. x

Casie Jean said...

definitely hard letting go sometimes, but this post is a beautiful encouragement xox
Casie Jean

Anonymous said...

... Hmm