Saturday, November 27, 2010

the real.

Suddenly i have on this mask
 it was easier than i thought it would be

but it falls off in gasps:
in the dark of the night
alone in my room
staring out a bus window
a pause in conversation.
they pretend not to notice.

they prefer it
everything is back to normal
"it's easier this way, you're you again"
i'm me again
what does that mean?

i don't know how i feel
because now,
i question whether i put it on or took it off.
maybe the glimpses of the other me, are just an old habit dying hard.
Maybe what i thought was me
was a facade all along.

i'm losing myself.


andie said...

gorgeous! I love the way writing lets you take off the mask and open up your soul. xox

Erimentha said...

:( :( this is sad. and beautiful. bittersweet. xx eri, ps. i love all the pics on the side of your blog. they are really pretty!