Sunday, July 10, 2011

curiousity killed the cat, repeatedly

If insanity is the fire then drinking is the match.
And in my eagerness to see the room I'm standing in, I keep believing I will be able to light a candle.
Even though all I can smell is gas.



Some Girl said...

Is it ok if I leave a question about writing here? I don't want to annoy.

Lilah said...

Some girl I really hope you check this because for about a month my blogger account has not allowed me to comment on others blogs unless I have selected anonymous or name/url and since you have neither of those options I'm not sure what to do.
The idea that you would have a question for me is laughable; but of course-you can ask whatever and whenever you want
sorry i haven't commented on anything you've posted for a while, i've been a bit out of it.
i'll allow that ask a question button in my about section. i hope this works.

Lilah said...

turns out there's no such thing so feel free to leave it in my normal comment box

Some Girl said...

I am having a problem with blogging lately. The thing is when I write with just paper and pen it feels more fluent to me, like I'm having a conversation with myself. In contrast, if I'm typing a blog post I feel like I have to work harder at it. I see writing with paper and pen visually in my head as a glass of water being knocked over and spilling out onto a page. But when I type it out I see it as a process of moving the water that has been spilled onto another page, onto another platform because it's not just a conversation with myself anymore; it's a conversation with other people. Basically, it's getting really very hard to blog. I guess it shows. And well I don't know how to remedy it--perhaps it's just a phase.

Blogger needs to get on board with an ask a question button. Tumblr makes communication so much more convenient. Also, I have reset my comment settings so maybe that will work out the glitch.