Thursday, July 28, 2011

don't ask

She was Numb. Numb. Numb. Sometimes she whispers that word to herself, when she gets strange looks she smiles.
What is there to tell you about her? She drinks. She smokes. She starves herself. She does whatever it takes ease the numbness, or distract herself from it.
The other day she cut herself. Seventeen slits, on her left forearm. She used the razor from a pencil sharpener -just scratches, she tells herself. Today she accidentally let them show as she was taking off her jacket. Nobody saw, she doesn't know whether or not she's relieved.
She goes home and listens to music that gets in your head as she goes on Tumblr for hours. Around her, her friends are kissing boys and laughing and studying and growing. She writes things that are similar to the young Tim Burton's poetry. About girls who will grow up before their time. She is in a blur. When she looks around, all she can see is fog.


Melee said...

That picture. This piece.


I understand this more than I'd like to admit.
And you said not to ask, so I won't.
But... <3

Rebecca said...

It's a bit spooky how closely I can relate. Life should be a mixture of emotions, but sometimes you really can become numb.

Hauntingly beautiful piece.

the 17 year old naive said...

I feel this..
I can relate.