Friday, February 25, 2011

if i could sleep

i could sleep
(in or out of my head)
for a thousand years
in a thousand places
and still couldn't face
the tears
i would shed
if i were to keep

i could sleep
for a thousand years
all for love
for goodness' sake
and still wouldn't be
asleep enough
to awake
from this travesty
(my mind is slowing).

i could sleep
for a thousand years
i'd cling to it like
my oldest friend
though he
(the little tyke)
would not send
to me
any replies.

if i could sleep
for a thousand years
i'd be left uninspired
mouth gagged in slumber's scream
as hours minutes seconds end
time would blend
with a watery dream
before my tired


Melee said...

This is lovely, dear! There is something very calming about it.... I feel like I could go to sleep for a thousand years. (It probably doesn't help that I was tired before I even read this, haha...)

Amy + Ava said...