Monday, February 21, 2011

smoke and mirrors

there's smoke in my mouth
smoke in my mouth
smoke in my mouth
it won't come out

this changes things
you think
i think
as your eyes dart to my ash-traced lips

"you you you are not who we thought"
you think
i think
there's no we anymore

blushing pilgrims no longer
lest shame makes us so
i am bound to the foe
now you are my foe

i am your foe
though i didn't mean to be
this changes things
stains more than skin deep

i'm being choked
by blackened smoke
i'm tainted with cancer
you're tainted with hope.

1 comment:

Some Girl said...

It's like a relationship is burning to the ground, falling apart right in front of me, and all I can do is watch and read.