Friday, February 4, 2011


warm and safe,
like a pea in a pod
a bug in a rug
a yolk in its shell,
Never lonely because
you're never alone.
a constant word
hums like time.
my lullaby,
-our lullaby-
Her presence can't be erased.
we're forever bound by the first hug.

words swim toward me
enveloped in silence
her murmurings.
Then suddenly, louder
pain, stretching, tearing,
it slips into my lungs 
white hot air stabbing my insides
screams, ours.
we scream together
as we are torn apart
oxygen and air and lungs
                                      and pain

cold and vulnerable
the egg has cracked.

1 comment:

Dandalily said...

This is so beautiful, but voilent at the same time. Damn you leave me speachless.