Saturday, January 8, 2011

la vérité

here we go again
with your false hope and my reckless promises
your meaningful looks and my empty words
your beliefs and my aversion to changing them.

the storyline's the same we just rearrange the characters


Joanna said...

Oh, I know how this feel. Especially the last line; same situation, different people. It does get quite frustrating after a while. I suppose you have to figure out who's worth it and who isn't, before the pain sets in. I hope that helps you somewhat, despite not knowing your situation. xxx

Melee said...

Sometimes I feel exactly like these... we're reading the same script, some parts change, but the effect is the same. It's... wearisome.

P.s. I am Me. said...

Lilah, about your earlier comment,
we are doing things differently this time, and things are already better because of it :)
Your advice was not simple and stupid, but it was simple enough for me to realise that it's message was so and obvious that I never quite thought of it that way. Like having something right under your nose - you know?
If that made any sense haha

About the comment on the post about my dog,
Now that I really think about it, age really is something to think of as beautiful.
Every wrinkle holds a memory - a laugh, a smile.
Becoming old just shows that you never gave up, that you just kept on fighting, kept on living.
The scars, wrinklrd and white hair, are just the souvernirs, they're all just proof of that fight.