Saturday, January 22, 2011


and so they run
half naked
the waves licking
wind whipping
their legs
electricity builds in their chest
collapses as laughter in the air around them
mixing with the salt,
overwhelming the senses.

flushed with their own daring
surprised by their own confidence
they expose parts of themselves to the world
that normally hide in the dark

that is shy
that are concealed
that are lost
they are finally revealed,
finally beautiful
no longer shadow.

but here,
atoms collide, shift, disappear
anything can happen.

so instead
waves swallow them,
as they wallow in this half-world
and forget what it's like to feel

and then
(pay attention)
the climax approaches
there's no slinking
no cowering
no covering

only running their arms by their sides
only embracing movement that is usually ignored
only flying
only freedom

this is the feeling that can't be described
this is the moment between waking and sleeping
this is the part that people leave out.

they walk back with a smile
a secret that glows in their chests
lighting up their faces
that can only be traced to their damp skin
wet hair
sandy feet

this is the feeling that can't be ignored.


P.s. I am Me said...

This is simply beautiful.

Jade said...

What ecstatic beauty... letting down the guard.

Jokerman said...

I love the third stanza "colours, that are lost, they are finally revealed" You're a really good writer :)

Joanna said...

Oh, how I agree with the first comment. This is beautiful, but so much more. I haven't read anything this good in such a long time. This poem gives me the feeling of something quite adam and eve-ish, if that makes any sense. I suppose the lack of clothes the subject's wear.. or in this case, don't wear, gives me that feeling of utter freedom, without shame, without anything. This is truly amazing. You should really consider publishing it. xxxx

Melee said...

This is absolutely beautiful and... intoxicating! You are very talented, my dear.