Tuesday, January 25, 2011

let it go

  dont worry about what it is or if it means anything
dont you get it?
the best things mean nothing
the happiest people dont think
they dont know
dont care

dont you get it?
Madame de Stael was wrong
The greatest happiness isn't to transform one's feelings into action.

the greatest happiness is to stop feeling
stop thinking
but keep acting

people are lonely
the world is fucked up
you will never be happy not really

and if you really think, really feel, it will be too much
you will lose yourself
(and if you don't lose yourself you aren't doing it right. if you don't lose yourself you're already doing this, subconsciously)

but if you act without thinking
without considering

you might catch a glimpse of happiness

because someone's always going to be unhappy
someone's always dying or crying
someone's always laughing
but it doesn't concern you

let it go
because empathy can squeeze your throat so tight you suffocate
and noone wants that
not really

Ignore it, I dare you:
this is your future.

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P.s. I am Me said...

Happy Birthday Lilah :)
I hope your day is everything that you hoped it would be, and much more.
Thankyou for being here, listening, and being my friend.