Sunday, January 2, 2011


We, like seaweed
Cling together.
Ravelling and unravelling, curling, unfurling,
Embracing and dancing,
Creating the illusion of cohesion
Before unceremoniously parting ways.

Like seaweed, we
Are puppets.
In the hands of tidal forces.
Our control is fantasy
And all the world content with misconception.
We hold our breath waiting for the curtain to be drawn aside.

Seaweed, we like.
It lives in the moment.
Unaware of the worries that plague the rest,
Pushing too hard and too fast,
Always straining toward the sunlight
Until -inevitably- it is torn away from the sand.

Seaweed, like we,
Is bound by a lie.
Mere sand cannot stop it, mould it, control it.
It is foretold, that it will break free
-Not by choice, but destiny-
Wash around lovers' ankles to be kicked away in disgust.

We, like seaweed
Cannot last.
Our joy is fleeting, our beauty flawed, flagrant.
Because away from the glittering aura of kelp-swept seas
Washed up on the sand,
We are shown for what we truly are.


Melee said...

How tragic yet beautiful. I really love this metaphor.

That picture with the band-aids is so interesting! I like the concept... it shows the wound is healing.

Athena. said...

Like seaweed, indeed.
You are beautiful, you create magic.
Never stop; the world needs more of it.

Rucha said...

I can only imagine where and how one must conjure up this true talent that you so wonderfully possess. I enjoyed this poem immensely. The interchanging lines "We, like seaweed," and so forth can only make me wish I could write poetry as beautiful as yours.

Simply amazing, what you do.

Anonymous said...

lilah i really like your blog,
new follower, xx

Jokerman said...

I really like this poem, and the third picture. It's an awesome metaphor (or simile I'm not sure :D) you've found. You're an amazing writer, keep it up!:)

Dandalily said...

It's a simile...i think. As soon as i read the frist line its like omg my heart just stopped this is the kind of writing that flows through every heart sting. Please dont ever stop. xo

Chlo said...

i love your blog,
your words are so wonderful!
thank you for your comment :)

Joanna said...

Oh, wow. This was beyond amazing and also quite tragic. You words bring confidence and clarity to the ideas presented, and add such interesting and beautiful imagery. Gorgeous, m'dear. xxx

Some Girl said...

I like the flow of this, like it mimics the dancing movements of the seaweed. And the rearranging of those first three words changes each stanza completely. Those three words tell a story, one that gets sadder as it progresses and they have that quality that wraps us in. Très, très bonne.