Friday, April 15, 2011

effy love.

Effy: You’re an idiot. [Sid nods] You’re fucking the wrong girl. [Sid nods] It’s Cassie you love. You only got mixed up with Michelle because, let’s face it, men are dicks, and there was no one else to screw, which is totally fucking pathetic. [pauses] Isn’t it?

Sid: Has anyone ever told you, Effy, this whole sneaking up on people, getting inside their head, is not cool. Ok?

Effy: I’m right, though.

Sid: You’re always right! You and your fucking brother! You’re always fucking, fucking… right.

Effy: That milk’s two weeks old.

Sid: It’s ok, I put some cocoa powder in it. It’s a bit chewy, that’s all.

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Some Girl said...

I love Skins so much. Effy is one of my favorite characters.