Friday, April 15, 2011

letterhead #7

Dear Ellen,
We are so similar, so alike.
You don't realise how much, you never have.
We've experienced the same things, but our motivations are different.
They always have been.
I never wanted to be found,
to be saved,
to be fixed.
I never wanted to drag others down into the watery depths with me.
I never wanted to prove anything.
I never knew what I wanted.


Joanna said...

Aww, This is so sad! I'm so happy to be catching up on your beautiful words, though. (I hope you're well.) xxx

Some Girl said...

This makes me think of all the letters I wrote to old friend but didn't send. This makes me think about the friends I have now and how I don't want to bring them down. I don't want to fuck things up again. Then I end up distancing myself and fucking things up anyway. Where's the stop button?