Saturday, April 30, 2011

your story

Watery sunlight leaks through your curtains, your eyelids.

It will become apparent to you, maybe wake you.
Gradually and then suddenly.
You will tug at your limbs, that lie dead against the thin, the white sheets.

It will be easier to give up.
To lie in half darkness, to let it wrap you up in it's consuming warmth. To let it smother you. To stay there all day, longer.
And so you will. You will lie and sleep and doze in a murky haze of reality.
You will lose track of time.
Family, then friends will worry. And -even though none of them are bright enough, and those that are will be too bright, too artificial- they will want you to wake up. But no, all the while you will drag your heavy curtians shut tighter.

You will choose darkness. Because there is a kind of comfort. A familiarity in it.

You will choose darkness. Because for as long as you can remember, that's how you knew it would be.

You will choose darkness. Because that's how the story goes.


grey said...

to say that i love your blog would be an understatement, xo

I V Y said...

these photos are absolute perfection.


Francesca said...

wow, I'm breathless.

katherine said...

this embodies the reason why you're one of my favourite bloggers.
i also appreciate, so much, the comments you leave on my own blog. they make my day.
hope everything is swell.