Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letterhead #8

Dear Jack,
Right now I fucking hate you and no i wont tell her
let me make my own mistakes
this just reassures me that i cant handle you right now
i cant handle what you want me to be

so yes, i lied to you
i dont care though,
because im protecting myself and i might as well follow through

its okay, because this wont go anywhere

you saw part of me tonight that you didnt know i had and neither of us want you to get any closer
i am sorry i texted you
its my fault all this crap happened.

it's okay if youre pissed off at me,
i am too
fuck you xx

ps. can i just say, that im sorry you had to get to know me at this time. im not always this way


Camelgirl said...

This is how I feel.
I hope you're alright, I see those exes.

Ophelia said...

your honesty is to be admired.

Lily said...


sabine cara said...

i just found you through a blogger tag,

and woww.

it's amazing to say how you feel through a letter, even if they never read it. i don't know what happened, but I feel like i can relate so much.

fucking amazing blog.
xo scarzz