Thursday, April 28, 2011


His handprints, imprinted
On her skin, chest, her thighs.
They draw my red-ringed eyes
To the unseen -his prize
Lost, that which showed his lies.
Society decries
Us. Who blames their surmise?

He causes me to despise
Myself. My babe was unwise.
Her failure to realise
His motivation, implies
I failed her, to advise
Her, as a father. Chastise
Her? I can't. In his cold eyes
She saw goodness. But his guise
Misled her. Led to her demise,
Her brokenness. I hear her cries
As she sleeps, blending with my sighs
For our lost years. It's been hinted
They've drifted off to holy skies.


Melee said...

Ooh, this is slightly eerie and sad. (I commend you on your rhymes! I am always slightly afraid to rhyme.)

haze said...

have i been here before? i can't remember... your words are beautiful, dear... <3

Joanna said...

Oh, your comment on my blog was lovely! Thank you so much for saying such kind words. As for your poetry, nothing compares. I feel almost embarrassed of my work in comparison to yours. This poem is truly heartbreaking, yet beautiful. I love the form you have used, very creative. I love to see something new, that breaks traditional form. You, my dear, are the poet :) xxxx